2 myths and 1 fact about Prediction Markets

This interview with Consensus Point's CEO, Brad Marsh, was originally published on ZappiStore.com. To celebrate the launch of Huunu Prediction Markets, the industry’s first fully automated prediction markets tool, ZappiStore caught up with Consensus Point’s CEO, Brad Marsh. In this interview, Brad dives into the Huunu methodology, in-market validation, and some of the most common myths [...]

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Consensus Point launches Prediction Markets tool on ZappiStore

Leading global provider of prediction market research, Consensus Point, has launched Huunu Prediction Markets, the first fully automated prediction markets tool on ZappiStore’s online research platform. Leveraging a validated prediction algorithm, Huunu Prediction Markets capture the collective judgment or “wisdom” of a target audience to predict future trends and market preferences. Live now in the United [...]

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Looking to Disrupt? Don’t Unintentionally Sink Your Next Cash Cow.

iPod, Swiffer, Facebook, Netflix, Uber. If I asked you to identify a few of the most disruptive, habit-changing brands and products in recent memory, there’s a good chance these would be on your list. As the name suggests, disruptive new brands and products break completely new ground and typically answer an unmet (or unknown) consumer need [...]

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